"Let Go and Let God"

The mission of Most Blessed Sacrament School is to minister to the educational needs of our students by providing a teaching atmosphere which promotes Gospel values and academic excellence for our students. 


We believe the purpose of Most Blessed Sacrament School is to pass on the faith and heritage of Catholic tradition promoting gospel values throughout our educational environment.
We strive to strengthen a partnership with our parents, the primary teachers of faith and values, to develop the whole child – spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.
We continually seek out a faculty called to the teaching ministry, who share a mutual responsibility for creating an environment which promotes spiritual and academic excellence for all our students.
We strive to center our school community in worship, prayer, Catholic doctrine, service projects and current educational pedagogy in order to equip our students to become mature Christian young men and women, leaders for tomorrow’s world.
We seek to teach as Jesus did, in both word and example, nurturing the unique gifts of each member of our school community as members of the body of Christ, living sacraments to the world.


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