Council of Education Members

The Most Blessed Sacrament Council of Education is an advisory body established to support and enhance the mission of Most Blessed Sacrament School. Members of this council are appointed by the Pastor to represent ministries of the MBS parish community.  Your involvement in our school is important to us. The council welcomes your ideas; however, your input must be submitted in writing to any of our members.

The Council of Education members and terms are as follows:  

Fr. Phil Spano, Pastor
Mrs. Cheri Gioe, Principal
Mrs. Janette Saylor, Assistant Principal
Mr. Ed Campanella, Long Range and Development (2012-2017)
Mr. David Ellis, Budget and Technology (2013-2018)
Mrs. Dianne Frazier, Policy (2012-2017)
Mr. Jay LeBlanc, Chair and Budget (2012-2017)
Mrs. Penne Leier (2016-2021)
Mrs. Lynn Mains, Secretary and Development (2013-2018)
Mrs. Jenny Ortego, Policy and Technology (2013-2018)
Mr. Cesar Rico (2016-2021)
Mr. Geoff Smarada, Long Range and Technology (2014-2019)
Mr. Wade Weidman, Budget and Technology (2013-2018)
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