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Attention Fifth Grade Parents: 
 Louisiana requires booster shots after the eleventh birthday. EVERY student will be required to provide an updated shot record to attend school in sixth grade. Shots that are now REQUIRED for entry into sixth grade are the following: Tdap, Varicella (second dose) and Meningococcal Vaccine (MCV-4). Tdap and MCV4 can not be given until AFTER the eleventh birthday. The Varicella vaccine is not required if your child has had the chicken pox disease, but history of the disease must be noted on the shot record. Please make an appointment to get these vaccinations this school year; shot records will be due July 1. This record MUST be the official Louisiana State Immunization record, complete with unexpired date and MD signature. MyChart or other electronic chart records are not accepted. 

Below is the health program we follow as a school. It has plenty of useful information for parents:

I want to encourage everyone to take the easy self-assessment tool for prediabetes and heart health at the following links:

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