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2017-18 Tutors

Name Areas of Expertise Contact Information 
Polly Rinaudo Kindergarten & 1st Grade
Erica Chester K-3 
Allyson Moore Math & English, Grades 1-3 or
Brittini Knox Reading or English, any grade level
Judy Klobucar English, Reading, Lit, Writing, Religion, Study Skills, SS, Grades 1-8 or
Beth Strother Math, Grades 3-5 225-229-6074 or
Jeanne Dawson Math 225-756-4751
Sally Streete Reading 225-252-4300 or
Janice Zollinger Math & Spanish, Grades 6-8
or 225-329-5114
Colleen Griffin Reading/Language and Math Specialist
225-622-0796 or

Marc Taylor (Senior at CHS)

Math, Reading, History 

Mathnasium Math 225-753-MATH
Sylvan Math, Reading, Writing, Homework Help 225-752-7323
Kumon Math and Reading 225-916-4844
Impact Academic Solutions Study Skills 225-610-6551
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