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Pelican Spotlight

Amelia Southard Photo

Through a lot of hard work, determination, and taking part in extracurricular activities, I have grown close to MBS. I am honored to be chosen as student of the year.

Amelia Southard

Cesar Rico Photo

It makes me feel happy and proud to be chosen as MBS Student of the Year.

Cesar Rico

Mackenzie Chuilli Photo

I enjoy hearing others' writings and it inspires me in my writing.

Mackenzie Chuilli

Landry Robb Photo

I enjoy hearing all of my other friends sharing their writing.

Landry Robb

Avery Amato Photo

I enjoy working with my writing buddy and trying to push other people to make their writing better.

Avery Amato

Cole McLellan Photo

I enjoy helping my writing buddy to improve his writing and work to his full potential.

Cole McLellan

Julia Miller Photo

Anyone can find a friend at MBS.

Julia Miller

Caroline Adolph Photo

Everything about MBS is great - the hardworking teachers, the friendly students, and the outstanding curriculum. I take pride in saying I go to MBS.

Caroline Adolph

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is to minister to the educational needs of our parish family by providing a teaching atmosphere, which promotes gospel values and academic excellence for our students.

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